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Can I include videos in my comments?

Absolutely! You can easily add videos to your comments, as well as images and GIFs. Here's how to include a video in your comment.

Insticator has introduced an enhanced commenting experience with our new commenting product COOL Comments, while some sites may still feature our classic Insticator Commenting. To ensure you're accessing the correct guide, please identify which version you're using:

Not sure which version you're using? No problem! Please refer to our brief guide, "How do I know what commenting version I'm using?", for easy identification and assistance.


Insticator Commenting


1. To add a video to your comment, simply click on the "Add Video" icon from the menu by clicking the "more options" arrow located to the right of the text size button:

rich media


2. Once you click on the "Add Video" icon, you will be prompted to enter a valid video URL from YouTube or Vimeo:

video url

3. Paste in the video URL of your choice and click on the "+" icon:


4. You can post a video as an addition to a text comment, or let your video speak for itself. Once your link has been processed and the video thumbnail appears in the preview mode, click on "Post" to submit your comment:


5. Your video is now posted to the comments section! Awesome job 👍




COOL Comments


Enhance your comments with video content from YouTube or Vimeo. Here’s how to share videos in your comments:

  1. Click on the “Add Video” icon within the comment box:
    add video

  2. You’ll be asked to input a valid video URL from YouTube or Vimeo. Enter the URL in the provided field and click the “+” icon:
    add video link

  3. You have the option to accompany your video with text or let the video stand alone. Once the video URL is validated and a thumbnail is displayed in the preview, finalize by clicking “Post”:
    post video

  4. Congratulations, your video is now part of the conversation in the comments section!
    posted video


Need assistance? Reach out to us at commenting-help@insticator.com. We're here to help make your commenting experience smooth and enjoyable.