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Can I use GIFs in my comments?

Absolutely! You can easily add GIFs to your comments, as well as images and videos. Here's how to include a GIF in your comment.

1. To add a GIF to your comment, simply click on the "Add GIF" icon from the menu by clicking the "more options" arrow located to the right of the text size button:

rich media


2. A window will open, allowing you to search for a GIF to include in your comment:


3. You can easily find GIFs from the GIPHY library by entering a word or term to help narrow down your search:


4. After selecting your GIF, you will be able to see it displayed within the Commenting Unit - click on "Post" to go ahead and submit your GIF for publishing. You can choose to add text to your GIF, or let your GIF do all the talking:


5. Once posted, you will be able to see your new comment containing the GIF:


And voila! Happy commenting 👍👍👍