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Can I use GIFs in my comments?

Absolutely! You can easily add GIFs to your comments, as well as images and videos. Here's how to include a GIF in your comment.

Insticator has introduced an enhanced commenting experience with Insticator Commenting 2.0, while some sites may still feature our classic Insticator Commenting 1.0. To ensure you're accessing the correct guide, please identify which version you're using:

  • For Insticator Commenting 1.0 instructions, click here.
  • For Insticator Commenting 2.0 instructions, click here.

Not sure which version you're using? No problem! Please refer to our brief guide, "How do I know what commenting version I'm using?", for easy identification and assistance.


Insticator Commenting 1.0


1. To add a GIF to your comment, simply click on the "Add GIF" icon from the menu by clicking the "more options" arrow located to the right of the text size button:

rich media


2. A window will open, allowing you to search for a GIF to include in your comment:


3. You can easily find GIFs from the GIPHY library by entering a word or term to help narrow down your search:


4. After selecting your GIF, you will be able to see it displayed within the Commenting Unit - click on "Post" to go ahead and submit your GIF for publishing. You can choose to add text to your GIF, or let your GIF do all the talking:


5. Once posted, you will be able to see your new comment containing the GIF:


And voila! Happy commenting πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘



Insticator Commenting 2.0


Enhance your commenting experience by adding a GIF! Follow these simple steps to include a GIF in your next comment:

  1. Start by clicking the "Add GIF" icon:
    add gif

  2. This action will open a window where you can search for the perfect GIF to express your thoughts or add humor to your comment:
    Giphy library

  3. Tap into the vast GIPHY library by entering keywords related to the GIF you're searching for. This makes it easier to find just the right one:
    Search gif

  4. Once you've selected your GIF, you'll see it appear in the comment box. Here, you have the option to accompany your GIF with text or let the GIF speak for itself. Hit "Post" to submit your comment with the GIF:
    Post a gif

And there you have it! Your comment, now with a bit more flair and fun, will be visible for all to see.

Enjoy sharing and reacting with GIFs in your comments. Happy commenting! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘