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I tried to reset my password, but haven't received a password reset email. Help!

1. If you're having trouble resetting your password, make sure that the email address you entered is exactly the same as the one you registered with. Our system is case-sensitive, so check that all letters are in the correct casing. 

2. As long as you provided a valid email address when requesting a password reset, all password reset emails sent by our system should go to the email you provided. However, we know that sometimes things can get lost in the shuffle - please be sure to check your junk mail and spam folders in case the email got caught in a filter, and make sure Insticator appears on your email's safe senders list.

2. You can search your inbox folders for emails sent from no-reply@insticator.com, or emails containing the subject line "Insticator Commenting - Password Reset" to try and quickly locate this email.

3. You should also make sure you have the right email address linked to your account. To do so, head over to your User Profile by clicking on your username and selecting "Profile" from the drop-down menu:

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4. Next, click on "Configure":

The Truth About the Theater Dispelling the Myths – SocialUnderground 2023-02-21 23-28-29

5. Make sure you have the right email listed under "Email" - if you need to make a change, you can do so, and then hit "Save & Close" to save any changes made:



For a detailed explanation on how to reset your Insticator Commenting password, click here.