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What are Reputation Points and how do they work?

You earn or lose reputation points based on your activity in our Commenting Unit. The more Reputation Points you earn, the higher your rank grows as an engaged community member.

You earn reputation points by adding interesting comments or getting vote ups from other users:

Earn 1 point When you receive a vote up
Earn 3 points When you comment on an open thread
Earn 5 points When you share a comment
Earn 5 points When your comment receives a reply
Earn 5 points When you post the first comment on a page
Earn 10 points When you get a new follower
Earn 30 points When one of your comments gets 10 likes


You lose reputation points for bad discourse:

Lose 1 point When you receive a vote down
Lose 5 points When one of your comments is marked as inappropriate


You can use reputation points to guide the conversation:

Spend 30 points To promote a comment (yours or other's)
Spend 20 points To turn off replies for one of your comments


Points give you a special rank. Your rank reflects how engaged you are with the community. Based on the number of Reputation Points, the current available ranks are:

Reputation Points Ranks Insticator Commenting

Many engaged users have provided their feedback on our Reputation Points and Ranks system — we would love to hear your feedback and ideas at commenting-help@insticator.com.